Crypto & Green Life Energy

The GLE token is a digital asset built for payments based on renewable energy and recycling.

It is the native digital asset on Binance blockchain technology that can settle transactions in a few seconds.

We believe the blockchain is going to revolutionise the renewable energy industry.

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  • Renewable energy for the future

    Green Life Energy GLE Ltd will provide the renewable energy of the future, change the way
    our world is powered, and hand this control back over to the people.

  • Payments with the token

    The token allows users to make payments
    based on renewable energy and recycling projects/services, share assets, and send fiat and
    crypto between friends and family.

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Our mission

The Green Life Energy GLE Ltd business, application, Carbon Credit NFT Marketplace and wallet will provide a new way of obtaining renewable energy, also buying and selling carbon credits, paying utility bills, and cleaning up the planet.

Join the journey